How EverMed Works

How improved access to care equals savings

Family Practice Physician as Your Quarterback for Care

  • Today’s healthcare consumer does not always know when or where to go for care
  • EverMed Primary Care acts as the quarterback for care, directing the patient to:
    • The right care
    • The right place
    • The right time

Better Usage of Plan Resources

  • With EverMed Primary Care as the foundation of the plan:
    • Plan resources are more apt to be utilized
    • Preferred, vetted, cost conscious specialists are more likely to be referred
    • Pharmacy management options managed at the foundational level
  • Discounted beyond DPC care at a POS level via FSA, HRA, HSA programs.

Prevent Unnecessary Downstream Costs

  • Eliminate unnecessary ER visits delivering care at the Primary Care level
  • Removing barriers to Primary Care can prevent some Hospitalizations
  • Preventive Care v. Reactive Care
  • Earlier Diagnosis, Better Prognosis

Efficient Care

  • Clinicians can diagnose and treat multiple issues within the same visit
  • Multi family members can be seen in the same visit
  • Physicians are paid to manage care in person or via Telehealth
  • Same Day/Next Day Care eliminates delays to care

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