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Direct Primary Care is not insurance, so you don’t have to be a licensed insurance agent or broker in order to offer this great product to your clients. Contact us now to see how you can offer this affordable option to your individual, family, employer, and association clients and give them the chance to access quality, local, personal medical care.

We will also help and support you the same as we would an agent or a broker

Agency Management Platform that provides client information and tracks enrollments, daily tasks, and renewal processes. We help even the smallest organization run with the efficiency of the pros.

Commissions Auditing to ensure you never miss a penny.

Application Processing support to quality check every application and make sure it’s accepted the first time

Sales Support that can adapt to your specific needs, from contracting only, to walking you through the sales process step by step.

Compliance Support that gives your clients the resources they need to stay up-to-date and compliant with Health Care Reform and Human Resources issues.

Customer Service so you and your clients have one phone number to call for everything you need.

What is EverMed Direct Primary Care?

  • Fixed, Low Monthly Fee for Primary Care Services
  • Broad and Agile National Network of Independent Clinics
  • No Copays for Primary Care
  • No Billing for Primary Care Visits
  • Telehealth Included
  • Acute Care Services Included
  • Quarterly Disease Management Reviews

EverMed Direct Primary Care returns the focus of healthcare to the patient.

Direct Primary Care is not insurance. It is an affordable option to access quality, local primary services at a fixed, low monthly cost.

Why Direct Primary Care?

No longer paid per visit and to check boxes, primary care physicians are simply paid to take care of their patients.

DPC improves quality of care while reducing overall healthcare costs by:

  • Reduced Administrative burden
  • Reducing unnecessary Urgent Care visits
  • Catching diseases earlier, reducing hospitalizations and limiting chronic diseases
  • Providing badly needed triage in a marketplace of confused patient consumers


An academic review of DPC and Self Fund plan claims data showed:

  • 25% lower outpatient utilization
  • 48% fewer ER visits
  • 41% fewer hospital admissions

Why EverMed Direct Primary Care?

EverMed DPC provides:

  • Independent, Broad and Agile National Network
  • Standardized Fee Schedule across the Country
  • Standardized Service Schedule across the Country
  • Claims Data Collection and Analysis
  • Easy Census Enrollments and Management
  • Access to care and cost savings beyond Primary Care
    • Occupational Health
    • Wellness Program Assistance
    • Pharmacy Savings
    • Specialty Care, Imaging and Surgical Savings

Direct Primary Care Pairings

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